Diagnostics and fault finding Repairs done to all electronic and electric systems

We repair and maintain all makes and models of engines We overhaul cylinder heads

All repairs and Maintenance to gearboxes, both manual and automatic Service and overhaul of all makes and modeals of gearbox Specialising in Mercedes Benz gearboxes

Replace Oil Filter Drain and replace engine oil

97 Point Checklist including the following: Cooling System Belts Suspension Brakes Engine Electrical Oils Sundries- globes, clamps, pipes etc  

If you are looking at buying a used car, we would be happy to inspect the vehicle and provide you with a technical evaluation of its condition Accident damage Insurance Claims Warranty repairs  

Brakes - skimming, replace disks/pads Clutch overhauls Cooling Systems CV Joints Exhausts Minor Panelbeating jobs  as in "bumper bashing" repairs Shock Absorbers Tyres/Wheel Allignments Windscreens

We are not responsible for any damage caused due to fire, theft or any other cause whatsoever All vehicles and thier belongings are left at the cehicle owner's risk All repairs are done strictly on a cash basis No vehicle will be release